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If you hire a designer for your sign, you will pay a design fee in addition to sign fabrication and installation costs, but you have no guarantee that the finished product will work for you.  Before you head to the manufacturer with your design specifications, check with us your local zoning laws. You may find that the sign design you like, isn’t allowed in your area. If you’re moving into a shopping center, the developer may have additional regulations governing signage that can be used in the facility. City of Chicago and Townships have sign ordinances that restrict the size, location and sometimes the lighting and type of sign  used. Landlords may also impose their own restrictions. To avoid costly mistakes, be sure to  check with us regulations and secure the written approval of your landlord before you invest  in a sign. With more than 20 years in the sign industry field, our knowledge of the building  permit process for all types of sign project is unmatched.

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