The Sign Permit Process

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The Sign Permit Process

We will work on your entire sign project including Alderman approvals, Neighborhood  associations, Public Way Use approvals, the City of Chicago Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, Landmark Preservation Commission approvals.  Business and personal information are required to apply for a sign permit. Each sign will need its own permit, even if all signs will be installed on the same  building or property. Any sign or sign structure that extends over the public way  (sidewalk, parkway, street or alley) requires a Public Way Use Permit and a City Council Ordinance. If the sign or sign structure requires drawings from a licensed architect or licensed structural engineer, then a sign contractor will have to be listed on the application. Also, if the sign or sign structure has electrical work, a licensed electrical contractor must be listed on the application. We can help you to find the licensed electrical contractor  who can inspect and connect your sign

The following Information is Required to Start the Permit Process in Chicago

All fields must be completed. If a field is not applicable you must answer “N/A.

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Applicant Information (Lessee Of Real Property)

Building Owner Information (Landlord)

Payer Company Of Annual City Of Chicago Inspection Fee (Sign Owner or Business Owner)

Public Way Use

19.Does any portion of the sign or sign structure, extend on or over the public way? If Yes, you will need to upload documents in section 20, 21, and 22.
If you DO NOT HAVE a Business License YOU MUST complete a Business Information Sheet. (Click Here for a Business Information Sheet)

Sign / Awning Renderings

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